new year wishes messages for friends

New year 2015 messages for Best friend

Certainly friends are one of the most important in ones life.They are the one with whom we share all our joy and sorrows.So to wish your best friend here we have compiled some of the best new year 2015 messages for the best friend.So send these sms to as many friends as you can.Enjoy New year eve.

May the new year be bright and shiny,
May everyone enjoy good health.
May your troubles all be tiny,
That’s the secret of real wealth.

May The New Year 2015 – Bring you.
A Year of Health and Happiness..
A Year of Wealth and Wisdom.
A Year of Peace and Prosberity.
A Year of Glee and Glow.
And also a Year of Love and Laughter.

If you read this little ditty,
Have a prosperous new year.
I know it’s not very witty,
But it’s meant with all good cheer.


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